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One Chassis for Every (Truck) Body?

You don’t have to work long in the contracting, municipal or waste hauling industries to learn the many advantages of hydraulic hooklift-equipped truck chassis. Just Read More…

Ampiroll Hooklift system for your chassis

Purchasing A Hook Loader, Bodies And Related Equipment: 4 Reasons To Work With One Vendor Instead of Many

As a contractor, municipality, waste hauler or other user, you’ve decided to buy a hooklift system for your chassis with the intent of swapping out various truck bodies for greater utilization and a better payoff on your investment.

Many take the route of purchasing a hook loader from one dealer, truck bodies from another and related equipment like cranes from yet a third.

There’s a better way, and that’s relying on a single vendor for your hook loader and all hook loader-related equipment. Here are the advantages:

hook lift dump bed

Operating a Hydraulic Hooklift: Easy Does It!

The ease and speed with which drivers can pick-up and drop-off containers and other truck bodies with a hydraulic hooklift-equipped chassis make these systems attractive to waste haulers, municipalities, contractors and many others.

Taking Control: The 3 Types Of Cab Controls For Hooklift Operations

So, which cab control system is optimal? With fewer moving parts, electric controls may get a slight nod by some for reliability. That said, they’re the most expensive. What’s more, they don’t allow “feathering” or controlling the load by fingertip adjustments.