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40,000 lbs.

Product's description :

Hook lift AL 150 Series, lifting capacity of 40,000 lbs. Ampliroll is designed to pick up, dump, transport and unload your containers safer and faster, that means larger profits for you. The telescopic Jib concept enables a perfect load distribution with all your bodies. Assuring versatility, durability and long life with minimal weight and maximum efficiency.

Technical Features:

  • Designed to handle containers between 12 and 22 feet of length, performing all operations from the cab, it needs less than 1 min. for loading bodies The dumping mode is obtained by operating the main rams, actuating arm and tilting frame, with jib extended, altogether pivoting around the rear shaft
  • A sub-frame made out of bended plate steel and cross members to be mounted on the truck frame, height 10.63 inches
  • A tilting frame, hinged to the sub-frame with a steel shaft carrying the rear centering rollers
  • A main arm hinged on the tilting frame with a mechanical locking mechanism that allows the dumping mode
  • A telescopic jib, sliding in the arm, supporting a wide-open lifting hook enables loading from many positions
  • An hydraulic system, manufactured by MARREL
  • An axial piston pump, 21 gpm @ 1200 rpm